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Do you know where your Unit Load Device (ULD), Cargo Pallet, or Container inventory is?

Do you know where they are at any given airport your company uses?

If you don’t, there are many typical follow-on questions that need not be asked.

Today, there are solutions that can locate, identify, track and record movement of valuable ULD’s and Containers in your inventory, whether empty or with important cargo. These solutions will allow proper inventory management, maintenance & repair planning, customer notice as to status/location during transport, security of cargo, and revenue maximization, especially with demurrage.

In addition, transport management is affected by monitoring the status of shipments and identifying problems in advance to alter routings as necessary or anticipate needs to mitigate the issues. Also, any company using ULD’s and other containers will have to balance inventory by location to avoid availability problems.

Is it being too optimistic or unrealistic to believe that logistical oversight can be accomplished with asset monitoring, pre-position planning, route optimization and security enhancement?

What if your cargo is perishable? Or of very high value? Or has a time vital delivery date?

Will customers want to receive assurances and updates directly and willing to pay a premium for such transparency in transport?

All of this can be a challenge to asset management and customer delivery expectations. Fortunately, technology has been on a path to deliver enhanced solutions to address these requirements.

What is needed is a clear definition of the concerns, requirements, and related goals that will give the aviation service provider the advantage needed to become a stronger player in the industry.


Credit (Article): John Shoemaker
Credit (Photo): Tennen-Gas