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We deliver breakthrough solutions, not excuses. Fast.
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We are ready to help you achieve your aviation-related business, management, or technical goals. Please complete and submit this form and we’ll get back to you within one business day. The more information you provide, the better we can serve you. Your information is safe with us as described in our Privacy Policy.


Why should we hire you?2019-09-01T13:48:24-05:00

For one simple reason: Results.

Many consulting or professional services companies state they can get the work done, but after agreements are signed, results never come, they are late, or they never address their clients’ primary concerns.

With us on your side, expect the opposite and at a price that will make you smile. We will not riddle you with fancy reports, fancy presentations, fancy excuses, nor fancy lunches. We will address your concerns swiftly and with practical advice or solutions you can use.

Are you worth the money?2019-09-01T13:49:28-05:00

Yes. With minimal overhead costs and the application of both lean and agile processes, we deliver results at a price that create positive, unsurpassed value.

Do you offer a service or performance guarantee?2019-09-01T13:57:12-05:00

Yes. We promise to deliver the results established in the agreement or make it right – all at no extra cost to you.

How do you price your services?2019-09-01T13:56:18-05:00

Our prices vary. Depending on the type of project or services needed, we price our services based on the following contract types:

  • Hourly (1 hour minimum)
  • Cost plus Fixed Fee (with or without incentives)
  • Fixed Price or Lump Sum
  • Retainer
What payment options do you accept?2019-09-18T19:33:27-05:00

We accept the following:

Credit Card Logos

What is your refund policy?2019-09-01T13:59:37-05:00

It varies.

  • For Hourly services: No refund.
  • For Cost plus Fixed FeeFixed Price (Lump Sum), or Retainer services: Per the signed agreement.
What if I have more questions?2019-09-14T09:34:26-05:00

Call us anytime at (214) 552-9207 or drop us a note at [email protected]. We’re ready to assist you.